Rental Application

Regency Property Management does not discriminate based on: Race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, disability or source of income. We comply with all federal, state and local laws concerning fair housing.

General Application Requirements:

  • Each person 18 and over must fill out a separate application
  • Valid phone numbers and email addresses are required for each applicant
  • For multiple applicants/Roommates, all applications must be received within 24 hours, otherwise will be considered incomplete. In this case, other applicants could be considered
  • A $45.00 processing fee is required and non-refundable for each submitted application
  • No application will be processed without a processing fee
  • All intended residents MUST be listed
  • Applicant must be able to enter a legal and binding contract.
  • The denial of one applicant will result in the denial of the entire application.
  • ALL animals of any size, kind or type must be disclosed and photo submitted to RPM. Breed restrictions apply to dogs. Proper documentation must be supplied with application for any companion or service animal
  • All vehicles of any size, kind or type must be disclosed.

The applicant is hereby notified of the following procedures and policies:

  • If you are applying for a property prior to viewing the interior, please be advised that the following procedures still apply.  We cannot guarantee that you will be able to view the interior of a home prior to its posted availability date.
  • Applicants must have current identification in the form of driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport. A copy of ID must be submitted during the application process
  • Any false information given will be grounds for denial of an application.
  • Applications are generally processed in 2-3 business days.  If information is unable to be verified within 72 hours, the application will be denied, and Regency Property Management reserves the right to process a back-up application.
  • The processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, once submitted.
  • RPM and/or the owner must approve all pets, and IF a pet is allowed, an increase to the deposit is required for each pet, whether they are an “INSIDE OR OUTSIDE” animal. Please ensure to discuss your animal(s) PRIOR to submitting your application.
  • Proof of Renters Insurance that specifically states that it covers damages caused by animals is required prior to move in date.
  • Qualifying is based on income, credit, landlord history or home ownership and background court records.
  • Written and verifiable documentation must be supplied for income; Proof of income can include, but is not limited to: Current paystubs, W-2’s, employment offer letters, financial aid, or tax returns if self-employed.  Three consecutive months of bank statements showing ending balance is no less than three times the monthly rent amount can be considered in place of employment income.
  • Monthly income must be 2 times the monthly stated rent, or 2.5 times the monthly stated rent if the monthly rent amount is below the maximum monthly rent for a household earning no more than 80 percent of the median household income published and updated yearly
  • If applicant will be using local, state or federal housing assistance as a source of income, income qualification amount is based on the portion of the rent that will be payable by applicant and excludes any portion of the rent that will be paid through the assistance program.
  • Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in a unit. (A bedroom is defined as a habitable room that is intended to be used primarily for sleeping purposes, contains at least 70 square feet and is configured so as to take the need for a fire exit into account.) The general rule is two persons are allowed per bedroom. Owner/Agent may adopt a more liberal occupancy standard based on factors such as size and configuration of the unit, size and configuration of the bedrooms, and whether any occupants will be infants
  • Rental history that reflects an outstanding balance, negative reference or refuses to give a reference will result in denial of application.
  • Credit report that reflects an unresolved balance to a landlord will result in denial of application.

If your application is approved:

  • Regency will supply the Agreement to Execute Rental Agreement Form to applicant.  Once form is signed and returned to Regency within 24 hours, then
  • 50% of the total security deposit must be paid in full with certified funds (cashier’s check or money order) and rental agreement signed and returned within two business days whether or not you have viewed the interior of the property.
  • If any of the above steps are not completed within time stated, Regency reserves the right to issue letter of denial and process next application in line
  • Occupancy is required within 2 (two) weeks of approval and availability of the property.

If your application is denied:

  • If your application is denied and you would like to be re-evaluated, you can request a review in writing to: Equal Housing Opportunity Manager, Regency Property Management, Inc., 250 NE 181st Avenue, STE 202, Portland, OR  97230.  Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified of the outcome.  If your application was denied due to adverse credit reporting, contact the credit reporting agency listed on your denial letter.

Disabled Accessibility Statement:

  • Regency Property Management, Inc. allows existing premises to be modified for disabled tenants. Please inquire to our office for guidelines and requirements prior to making any modifications.

Other important disclosures:

  • All properties are SMOKE and GROW FREE.
  • Pets are subject to breed restrictions.  Increase to the security deposit will be required if your animal is approved. Minimums are as follows: $350.00+ per cat, $500+ per dog, $150+ per caged animal (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.)
  • If misrepresentations are found after a rental agreement is signed, your rental agreement will be terminated.
  • Interactions with Regency Staff or its vendors that are rude, abusive, aggressive, inappropriate, and/or intimidating, or which involve threats of legal action, may be considered grounds for denial of an application or as a basis for refusing to process an application, at the sole discretion of Regency Property Management.

City of Portland Applicant Disclosure:

  • City of Portland has separate and distinct Applicant Rights and Responsibilities.  All potential City of Portland tenants must read and acknowledge their Rights and Responsibilities under Portland City Code 30.01.085, 30.01.086 and 30.01.087
  • The City of Portland city code, rules, required notices and forms are available at or by contacting the rental services office at 503.823.1303



By clicking one of the links below, I certify that I have read and agree to the above screening policies and procedures and and understand my rights and responsibilities.

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