Property Owners

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You set the course and Regency Property Management, Inc will guide you to your goals! Employing our full service property management approach to property management, Regency Property Management, INC. optimizes asset value through performing property evaluations and creating and implementing preventative maintenance programs. This full service methodology to property management is what sets Regency Property Management, INC. apart from the rest of the pack.

Most professional property management firms simply collect rent and provide accurate accounting of income and expenses. Regency Property Management, INC. takes property management to the next level, exceeding industry standards and providing what Regency Property Management, INC. calls full service property management. Because the management and principals of Regency Property Management, INC. have developed, built, owned and managed real estate for over 30 years, our paradigm for property management is based upon an owner’s perspective.

Our goal is simple and direct: to develop the highest possible net operating
income while enhancing and protecting the property’s value. But, we go a step
further, you can…

  • Expect us to care about you, your property and the success of your rental home.
  • Expect a thorough property evaluation initially to help you maximize your homes rent.
  • Expect tenant applications to be screened systematically and methodically to improve your success.
  • Expect professional knowledge and timely feedback to minimize legal issues and keep you well informed
  • Expect timely rent collection and when a problem arises for us to get involved immediately to help determine the best solution.
  • Expect security deposits to be handled properly so that deposits are used according to Oregon law and that both the tenant and owner will receive proper treatment.
  • Expect to receive the most updated timely computer generated reports to keep you knowledgeable about income and expenses on your property.
  • Expect property inspections to be done periodically and in between tenants to look for problems, damage, and potential liabilities.
  • Expect reputable reasonably priced service people to be called when repair work is needed.
  • Expect to be treated well.

Expect a lot!